Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Back to basics

Well, subject to the survey coming out ok (fingers crossed) I'm buying a house! Well, it's actually a little cottage, just as I always wanted. The details from the estate agent were incredibly unflattering, as were the photos but once you get there, it's absolutely lovely. It's just round the corner from a farm, right on the edge of some of the loveliest countryside in the Mendips and a short walk away from the centre of town. Absolutely perfect in every respect.

There is lots to be done inside house. I want to rip out the downstairs bathroom and move it upstairs and replace the existing kitchen with something a bit more in keeping with the character of the cottage. I have my eye on a lovely kitchen from www.neptune.co.uk which would work really well in a cream colour.

As with everybody on the first rung of the property ladder, it's my chance to actually furnish the place the way I want it, which is quite exciting. I havelists upon lists of things I'm taking, things I need, links to stuff I like the look of. The budget is kept meticulously, with contingency funds. It's awfully exciting.

Since part of me is stingy, and another part creative I wanted to do a lot of things myself. I can easily do cushions and cushion covers, update bedspreads and pillow cases and that sort of thing. I have been developing patterns and identifying colour schemes that I think will work. (I'll add some photos later of the fabrics etc)

It's been ages since I dusted off my sewing machine and did anything apart from turning up the odd pair of trousers to it will be quite exciting to get back into the swing of things. It's surprising how easy it is to slip into the habit of saying that you can't or you can't be bothered and just go out and buy something. With food, cooking, sewing ... I really fancy a bit of getting back to basics and I think this will be the perfect opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Honey, it's gorgeous! Can't wait to see inside! It's just so exciting having your own place too! Cxx

ElementalGrace said...

You're telling me! I was falling over my words for days I was so excited. Still am, for that matter. You will come down and help me christen it with home made blackberry vodka when I move in won't you?