Monday, 24 November 2008

Dusting off old hopes and dreams

It's a funny thing really, how an off the cuff comment can have such a profound impact on your life, especially when it centres around something that you've known for a while but it hasn't sunk in. I can't go into a lot of detail on here but since the principle can apply to a lot of things, I'm going to attempt to generalise.

I've had a specific aim in my life for a number of years now. When I first had it, I had a lot of passion for it but not so much in the way of ability. Over the years I spent some time developing certain skills and thinking that one day everything I was learning would assist me in achieving this aim and it sort of got shelved. I have taken it down and dusted it off, spoken to people about it but until this afternoon it never really hit me how or why it's remained at the back of my mind.

When it comes down to the crux of things, whether in your personal or professional life, you've got to have something that you believe in, something that's precious to you, that you will do anything for, something that somehow, somewhere makes a difference to someone. It doesn't matter what it is, whether it's volunteering at a local shelter, visiting an elderly neighbour, leaving secrets behind us, starting a new career or moving to a new country - in all of us there is a thing deep down that we want, that sits inside us waiting for us to be ready, to take a leap of faith. It has to be something that makes us happy.

I know for myself that I would rather spend hours tied to something I loved than a single hour doing something I didn't, and it occurred to me today that that is exactly what I'm doing right now and that I need to take my own leap of faith no matter how daunting because I need to make a difference too.

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