Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Fabulous darling, just fabulous.

To give a little background, I got out of a doozer of a relationship about a year ago (details not supplied), and have spent most of the time since rebuilding my life, confidence and self esteem and am getting back to a level where I generally feel happy, positive, upbeat and quite content with the Universe.

Interestingly, I have been observing that the more positive my outlook has become, the more things seem to fall into place without any effort and I can skim over the other things and fix them with a minimum of effort. Well, with one area excepted and I have plans to deal with that shortly.

But in all the getting back on track, my poor wardrobe has taken a bit of a battering and seriously needs to be taken in hand. Of course, it doesn't help that I have been drowning my sorrows in chocolate brownies and gone up a dress size or so, but such things can be remedied. I mean, the thing is, superficial as it sounds, I LOVE clothes. To me, clothes are more than just items to keep you warm (although it is a priority as far as I'm concerned) but they go some way to expressing who you are to the rest of the world. I have come to the conclusion that my ex enjoyed stripping away elements of my personality or dismissing them as freakish or attention seeking - largely because I'm flamboyant and arty and he was sadistic and dull.

In the final stages of my rebellion, I am reclaiming my wardrobe.

It is interesting to note that my style has changed a little, if not entirely from what it was pre-relationship. I would never have said that I tried to be something I wasn't but if anything, I think that it has relaxed a little bit, chilled out as I have and said I don't really care what you think but this is me, take it or leave it. That said, my shape is demanding, and if there is one thing you've got to be aware of, it's what shapes you can and can't wear. At my sort of size, you can't get away with the billowing smock tops or slinky jumper dresses that you slip into when you're a size 10. Hopeless even thinking about it.

I love the collarless, smock shirts though, providing they're well sized and nicely shaped, flared jeans as always (although the flare is slightly smaller these days), scarves and hats of every variety are essential wear, along with waistcoats, cardigans, wide legged trousers and lots of layering.

I'm getting back into my dresses with trousers theme, with a vengeance, and am very much loving the idea of dresses with long boots which is both warm and chic. To that end, I have just purchased a lovely grey dress for £6 from ebay and a great crocheted white beret for £1.95, which will be terrific with a pair of jeans and heels, perhaps with a silk scarf or similar around the neck, just for a splash of colour. I think I know the perfect occasion too... :)


Anonymous said...

Love that beret!

And I was always a fan of the skirts over jeans thing! xx

ElementalGrace said...

Yeah me too. Think I might have spoken too soon about the sadistic lunatic actually having the decency to leave me alone.