Monday, 15 December 2008

Inspirational Rooms

In an effort to drag myself out of this ridiculous maudlin state of mind I have found myself in today for no particular reason other than the move, I have started to look forward and think about the cottage. I have an obscenely detailed spreadsheet that documents every last expenditure, no matter how big or small and I decided a little earlier on that I actually need to do something about looking into furniture for the cottage if I actually want anything to sit on once I move in.

So for some reason the second bedroom caught my attention this afternoon. Of all the rooms thus far, this one I haven't quite been able to picture as I want it. At least until today. I was umming and ahhing over whether to have it as a spare bedroom or as a office cum second bedroom. I am finally decided. It's going to become a home office, with the ability to convert to guest bedroom as and when the need arises. After all, it's me that's living there and guests will only be visiting for a few days at a time to it make more sense to build it around me and my needs. In fairness the term 'office' is a little grand given that I'm not entirely sure where I'll be workwise when I move in but if the intention is there, the reality will follow. Essentially I think it will be more of thinking/relaxing room. One day, I'll actually have a proper library but for the time being, I will make what I have beautiful.

And so, with that in mind, I took myself off to ebay to see what wonders I could unearth ... and I found this absolutely wonderful looking workman's table. Absolutely perfect for a laptop, some box files and a rickety old sewing machine.

I think it's absolutely perfect for what I had in mind. It's a little shabby round the edges, which I have no fundamental objection to and nothing that can't be tidied up a bit with some sandpaper, a bit of elbow grease and a lick of paint.

There is a definite need for some bookshelves, and despite having seen the most gorgeous set of bookcases at they are well and truly out of my budget so I am looking for some nice looking freestanding bookshelves and old stools to stack my books on. I think that these old school chairs would be absolutely fab, painted a sort of light blue colour ....

... and I simply cannot resist the idea of having a rocking chair. I have tried and tried to convince myself that I neither need or want one but the pure and simple fact of the matter is that I do and always have done since I used to sit in my aunt's rocking chair at the old rectory as a child. This one, by example would be just beautiful painted to fit in with the rest of the room, and I could easily make a lovely cushion to go with it in cream, maybe with some brocade and edging.

I love old children's stories, particularly Enid Blyton, and also have something of a soft spot for the illustrations of Kate Greenaway and would very much like to use their influence to style some of the decor of the room, by blowing up some of my favourite images, and either (if I can find someone willing to attempt it) transpose some of the images onto pieces of driftwood, or possibly just o blow the images up a bit and display them in home made driftwood frames. I also have quite a thing for the flower fairies and collected all the books as a child, trying to memorise each of the plants and their fairies incase I saw one ... so doubtless one or two of them will be making an appearance somewhere.

I have slightly grander plans for the kitchen and living room but that perhaps is a post for another time.

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