Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Top 5 Books

I did promise to put together a list of my favourite books a few weeks ago ... it's just a top 5 in no particular order but I will add to it as time goes by and my books gradually get unpacked from their existing cardboard library.

When we were 6 (A. A. Milne):
A favourite from when I was very young and had a copy of 'When we were very young'. I had all of the books and think they're just wonderful. I quite often find myself murmering 'James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree ...'

Winnie the Pooh / House at Pooh Corner (A. A. Milne)
As above. Just wonderful old tales, compellingly told with wonderful and loveable characters.

The Last Magician (Janette Turner Hospital)
I can't quite put my finger on what it is about this book or the author that makes me love it so much, but it clearly takes the top spot of favourite book ever read. It's not an easy read but the way she writes is beautiful - she paints an arresting portrait of life on the fringes of society, and illustrates how absence makes as much of an impact as presence. ... 'The whole bloody world is crowded with absences'

Written on The Body (Jeanette Winterson)
With an opening line of 'Why is the greatest measure of love loss?' it's almost impossible not to read on to find out what evokes such a passionate declamation. Jeanette Winterson doesn't write plot driven books as such but the journey she takes you on from start to finish is so beautiful that it doesn't seem to matter much. If you've ever been heartbroken, you can't fail to be moved by it.

The Well of Lost Plots (Jasper Fforde)
I love the writings of Jasper Fforde and think that his books are easily some of the finest in contemporary fiction, but this is probably my favourite. If you read the Thursday Next series out of sequence as I did, it probably won't make a lot of sense. That said, it probably doesn't if you read it in sequence either! It's a wonderful journey inside fiction where characters in books become real people. It's inspired me to read so many books I've not managed to read before and even in it's own right - fabulous, just fabulous.

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