Friday, 5 December 2008

Vintage Fabric and a Need for Speed

YOINKS! During a surprising early morning phone call with a solicitor who is dealing with the sale of our existing house, we've just discovered that we have to be out of the house by the 9th of January, which is really not a very long time away at all and has thrown me slightly into disarray. Given that my life has been in the extremes of disarray for a year or so now, I'm actually not that stressed by the concept of having a month to buy a house and move. Hell, I do at least one impossible thing before breakfast every day so this'll be a walk in the park.

I suspect that getting rid of the junk in the house and things we don't want to keep is probably going to be the most stressful part. It's a fairly large house that has held us as a family for the best part of two and a half decades and getting rid of all those bits and pieces that were a part of your childhood is a difficult thing to do - even when you know that they're ugly / broken or completely useless. To compound the issue, D was a squirrel when it came to junk. We cleared out the garage at the weekend and found lights from our old kitchen, that didn't work and had been replaced 15 years previously. The thought of tackling the attic makes me quiver with fright. I have visions of finding more than skeletons in closets...

I can see serious problems arising with the library though. Looking at it, I can see at least 450 books and that's not including the three boxes full in the garage, nor the extra books D squirelled away in the loft because he couldn't bear to part with them. I am seeing quite a few parallels between us.

I can see quite an eclectic mix of stuff coming with me, as I picked up a lot from Morocco. I really love the artisana out there, while at the same time I have a love of all things slightly kitch and shabby chic and have some really lovely antique pieces inherited from D. It's going to be an interesting experiment to find a way to tie all these things together in a way that works.

Work had a skills auction for charity today and I won some time from our resident seamstress, which is wonderfully handy as she can do the curtains, which are a bit beyond my capabilities. £57.50 for three sets of curtains sounds like a major bargain to me. So it looks like I'll be on the scrounge for some nice plain curtain material in either a dark cream, or light green/blue. If anyone's seen something nice on their trawls through the web, please feel free to comment with a link or if you have any material going spare.

Off soon to the Christmas bash so I shall bid you adieu for a Friday...

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