Monday, 8 December 2008

Web Ditherings

I've been thinking that it's probably about time that I start having a think about getting a website up and running to showcase some of my photography and I think I've hit upon a design for it. It still needs some work with the logo area. I think duplicating and reversing the flower motif should do the trick and incorporating the 'Elemental Grace' bit by upping the transparency and also it's needing some images to fill the left hand side. I want to create some kind of flower based watermark to work with the images that really ties the images in to the rest of the site.

What do we think? Eventually I think I'm going to get the blog to work with the theme, even though it's a bigger project altogether.


Anonymous said...

It's very pretty! Love the colours of it - soothing and calm.

ElementalGrace said...

Thanks. I was toying with the idea of adding some green but I'm not sure.

You do know that this is entirely your fault? You revamp your website (which looks great by the way) and now I'm having ridiculous ideas about websites that I don't have time to build! :)