Friday, 12 December 2008

The Wonder of Christmas Film

I have to admit to being a little distressed.

In and amongst chatting about Christmas and things, I discovered that L has never seen "It's a wonderful life". Now while I was introduced to this film slightly later on in life, I feel obliged to share the joy of one of the best films ever made now that she has reached her mid-twenties and can appreciate it without turning her nose up at a black and white film.

I know it may be a little cliched, a little corny and maybe a touch old fashioned but this film is the kind of classic that makes time stand still for me, and reduces me to an absolute mess of tears by the end as all good films should. (That said, I cry at Lassie, The Land before Time, Babe, Bambi, The Littlest Hobo, The bit in Free Willy where he jumps over the wall ... I'm just a sucker for an emotional climax, what can I say?)

It's so easy to get out of sorts around Christmas time: being told to be cheerful and festive by people you barely know, rushing around to various parties, missing your loved ones and this film can somehow, miraculously, take all that away and restore your faith in people and the power of Christmas.

Not to mention that yesterday on the Chris Evans Drivetime show, Michael Palin admitted to it being his favourite Christmas film, and also being a blubbering wreck by the end of the film. So, if it's good enough for a national treasure like Michael Palin, it's okay for us to love it too.

It may call for popcorn, hot chocolate and a box of tissues but Christmas just in't the same without it.

Other favourites that might be getting an airing this Christmas include:

Chitty chitty bang bang
Santa Claus the movie
... and of course, The Snowman.

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Anonymous said...

Umm, I've never seen this either.

I keep meaning to, just never have!

My fave Christmas films are A Muppet Christmas Carol, White Christmas, The Snowman, Santa Claus: the Movie, Meet me in St Louis... and Mary Poppins, for some indescribable reason. But Muppets is top of that list. I shall probably watch White Christmas on Sunday while I wrap some gifts!