Saturday, 31 January 2009

Being good...

When I moved, a lot of my filing just got tossed into a box to deal with later when I could be bothered unpacking it. I decided to be all organised and put everything in box files but about halfway through, I found myself flagging a bit and slightly depressed by how astonishingly ugly a pile of a black boxes can be. So I decided to be a bit creative and dress them up a bit with the help of some leftover quilting squares and a stapler.

Here they are before my attentions were lavished upon them ...

... and here they are afterwards:

What do you think?


Blueberry Heart said...

Hi there, I love the boxes, great idea to brighten up whats otherwise not so pretty!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm really enjoying meeting lots of bloggers and seeing so many more lovely blogs - havent bought a housey mag in weeks!
I've not been to tynemouth market for a while now as I moved further away, but every time I do go you can guarantee I'll come back home with loads of bargains!

ElementalGrace said...

Hi there Blueberry Heart (what a lovely name). Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment! I really like the fabrics, although I wish I'd had enough to do the sides as well.

I have to admit that I loved Tynemouth market and Rasperry Bazaar although my budget was more suited to the former than the latter!

Donna said...

Oh, how cheery they are now!! What a huge improvement over the black!!

If you'd like to send me your mailing address (my e-mail is on my blog) I'll be happy to check out the magazine section next time I'm at the store and see if I can pick up another copy of the BH&G magazine to send off to you! It really is a wonderful issue!!

Thanks for visiting me!

Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

ElementalGrace said...

Thanks Donna - that's really sweet. I will drop you an email.

Marilyn said...

Hi Grace..thx for dropping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment. I love your blog..its fun and cheery. Your boxes look much better than the dull black they come in, makes the effort of filing so much nicer. Marilyn

ElementalGrace said...

Thanks Marylin, that's really sweet of you.

Being a visually-stimulated person, I find it really important to be surrounded by things I find attractive and inspiring. It's one of the reasons I have come to really enjoy blogging ... as well as all the interesting people you meet there is a never ending supply of inspirational people and ideas!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! I have a notebook I keep recipes in that I print off the internet. I will have to give it a makeover.