Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Mess & Rushing... :)

Just a quickie before I dash off to get ready to go to America to see my lovely friend Dave. I am now officially ensconced in the cottage, although still living out of packing boxes and the place looks vaguely like a bomb hit it. Will deal with all that later. The first evening I moved in, I do believe I sat in a chair downstairs and just gazed at it, beaming like the village idiot. Have possibly never been happier.

Here are some photos of the cottage with (some of my) stuff in it. Most is likely to change (sofas, kitchen etc) but it perhaps gives you a better idea of the space... (I do hate saying that, sounds so pretentious)

Second Bedroom/ Office

Living Room

Anyway, will attempt to buy some furniture and post some pictures when it looks a bit more like a house and a bit less like a bombsite. I also have to update you guys with details of my new kitchen, which I ordered last night and am so excited about, you have no idea.

Anyhoo, got to dash as vets, kennels, long journeys and airports await me for the next week or so and I'm a bit behind myself :)


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