Saturday, 31 January 2009

When You Go Down to the Woods Today ...

Please stop by the Wells Trading Post on your way. Being new to Wells, it was my first trip to the Trading Post and I must have looked like a dipsomaniac in a brewery! Everywhere I looked, there was beautifully crafted furniture and adorable nicknacks that I wanted to take home with me.

Whilst I came out of the experience poorer, I loved all the stuff they had and picked up a few bargains. The chest of drawers and rocking chair (I know!) won't be arriving until Tuesday so no pictures of them but here are some of the other little bits I picked up this morning.

This was a lovely present from my sister, filled with some shells and pretty potpourri. It has pride of place on the blanket box in the living room

These gorgous little daisy hanging hooks will be perfect for the bathroom once it's installed. Daisies are one of my favourite flowers and this was just so cute I couldn't resist it.

The photo doesn't show it so well but this bin is actually a lovely apple green and goes beautifully with the rest of my study and the little pink roses were such a lovely finishing touch.

This little cabinet was absolutely irresistable. I'm going to pop it in the bathroom for keeping my essential oils and bits and pieces that I don't want on display on the inbuilt shelves.

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