Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bathroom: Days 2,3 and 4

It is, of course, utterly impossible that anything can go smoothly. In my life, things just don't. They bump along, getting caught in jams and pickles, scraping their knees and courting disaster at every turn. This is nothing new, but simply one more thing to accept with a hidden grimace, whilst fervently praying under your breath for no more disasters.

Tuesday and Wednesday were caught up with the bathroom floorboards. As I mentioned last time, we discovered the original boards under the carpet in the bathroom and thought cheerfully 'oh what-ho, original floorboards, won't they be teriffic?' HA! A bit of thumping and heaving up floorboards to access pipes and we discover that actually quite a few of them aren't actually safe because of an old woodworm infestion (thankfully no longer) so with a bit of ingenious sawing and shoving, the wonderful builder and his good lady have managed to salvage enough boards for the floor and will put the bath on hidden moisture-proof chipboard so we'll all be happy.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it. Because of the worm holes, it made the sanding of the wood far more difficult than you would credit and they've spent the last couple of days sorting that out, and oiling and waxing the boards - for preservation and strength. Hopefully the last coat tomorrow and then they can start the bathroom installation. Goody!

Naturally, today's house improvement installation has been equally dramatic. I would have expected nothing less. Today, we drilled a hole through from the study through the outside wall to accomodate the soil pipe from the bathroom next door (relatively smooth) and then the lovely builder started digging holes in the courtyard for something to do with the drains - and uncovered a drain that had been covered over with paving slabs that nobody knew was there, which has slightly thrown a spanner in the works. So we're waiting on a chap from building control tomorrow to come and advise on what to do, and until then everything has ground to a halt. So here are some photos of the disarray.

The living room & entrance to the house has turned into an obstacle course. What fun - you should see the state of us when someone knocks on the door :)

This is the floor in the (soon to be) bathroom as it was being sanded. What a difference, eh?

This is where the the bath's going to go. Sadly no floorboards here but better that than several tons of bath falling through the floor!


Blueberry Heart said...

Looks like you're getting ther slowly but surely! Things of this kind aslways get worse before nthey get better in my experience. Worth it in the end when you've wine and candles on the go!! Good luck!

ElementalGrace said...

Thanks BH! It's a slow and steady process but it seems like we're making headway. It's really exciting to watch the transformation. Hopefully I should have a working bathroom by next week and then the demolition begins!