Saturday, 7 February 2009

Ye Dogs

Well, ye gods, what a day! Lord only knows what my horoscope had in store for me but I don't doubt that the way it played out was probably a little more dramatic than the stars had in mind. Today was Adoption Day, meaning the day that I got to pick up my new dog from The Dogs Trust in Salisbury. Her name is Sasha, and she's a two year old pointer x lab. Isn't she sweet looking?

There was a minor scuffle earlier on in the evening which resulted in one pooch biting the other one on the ear. A hurried phone call to the vet resulted in me hanging onto Sasha with one hand and the phone tucked under my chin while he talked me through supergluing cotton wool to her ear to stem the bleeding. Apparently it creates a sort of mesh that aids clotting. All okay now, but it was slightly terrifying for a moment there. Hopefully it was just them defining the hierarchy in the pack and was nothing more than a minor scuffle.

Ahh well, building work due to start in a week ... counting down ...


Blueberry Heart said...

Hope all is well with the pooches and they've settled together now.
I'm desperate for a dog but I'm really allergic to them. I'd have a house full of rescue dogs if I could!
Hope the DIY vet job worked OK,

ElementalGrace said...

They seem to be good together now, if not a little wary of one another! The DIY vets job worked fine although it looks very messy.

If you're allergic, consider greyhounds or poodles as they're supposed to be hypoallergenic. It's something to do with the coats not shedding as much.


Blueberry Heart said...

Hello there,
I have an award for your lovely blog if you would like to collect it from mine!

Glad pooches are friends, well almost! It wont be long before they are used to one another, hopefully. We've tried 'meeting' labradoodles and REALLY allergic, but not giving up hope yet!

Best wishes