Thursday, 5 March 2009

Waiting impatiently

In search of contrition for my absence for my absence from blogland, I offer a full confession to you. It's been utterly chaotic for the last couple of days, and my camera ceased to function, which sadly resulted in no photos for your edification and delight, and me collapsing into bed last night with a migraine and cursing the chaos.

In a slightly more pain free and altogether brighter state of mind, I'm happy to bring you all up to date with the happenings at the cottage

The bathroom is nearly finished. The plasterers are in there at the moment covering up a few holes caused by ripping out some outdated boxing, and then all that's left is to create the tongue and groove panelling that's going to box in the pipes, replace the current light with a waterproof light and extractor fan and get to grips with the painting, which is not especially difficult or a lot to do. Here are some pics of it before the final finish:

The loo, sink and shelving that used to be a window

The bath, with tiled splashback (the bath is the size of a small pool and just wonderful...)

A slightly more closeup view of the bath and tiling

I do wonder sometimes if getting this excited about bath tiles and paint is slightly tragic. Either the fumes are going to my head or I need to get out a bit more. Perhaps both :)

The plasterers have been at work in the kitchen as well as the bathroom (and still are) and here are some photos of them at work. Lovely chaps the both of them, while Martin and Sue, my lovely builders have been insulating the loft and getting the first section of kitchen tiles in and ready for the kitchen to arrive any minute now. Hopefully, providing they haven't messed up again (fingers crossed) so here are some pics of what's happening now:


Anonymous said...

I left a comment on here yesterday, but then my screen froze and I wasn't sure whether it had gone through... I guess not. I can't wait to have internet chez moi again!

Just to say - your bathroom is going to be stunning - it has so much flaming potential - the whole place does! Can't wait to see it (2 weeks?)!

ElementalGrace said...

Thanks hon, can't wait to show it off! Will have to arrange a painting and decorating weekend soon too :)